Couch to 5K

We don't stop running because we get old, we get old because we stop running

Here's a must-read book for you - Born to Run - great story of extreme running combined the science of how we evolved to run! Has changed my thinking and I may be sending my expensive cushioned shoes back - you'll have to read it to understand why. Anyway first run of week 3 in the rain today - calves have stopped aching, so all good so far.

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It's interesting! There is a link to a short film about the Tarahumara on here somewhere. I think Bazzer posted it. I like the accounts by Scott Jurek in the book 🙂 In the film clip you get a good view of the sandals as they all seem to wear them, not just the runners. I think Googleme on here wears them (Lunar sandals).

I switched to lower drop, less cushy shoes due to shin splint.


Can't remember which one now - there are many! :)

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