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Week 6 - Run 3 ......done but not dusted

Well as it is soooo cold, snowy and icy here in Bucks. I decided to "cheat" and do my 27min run on the treadmill - done...but not as satisfying as running outside in the fresh air. Hubby is pounding it out down the shed as I type. We have decided to do Week 6/3 again once we can get outside without breaking a hip (!) as it just doesn't feel quite the same. I had the treadmill set on flat rather than incline so felt it was easier. But there again, better safe than sorry, and better than nout.

Be careful out there! One little slip and you're possibly out for weeks.

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Discretion is definitely the better part of valour in cold and icy weather - and it's not cheating to use the dreadmill either! :) Well done - hope the weather lets you get outside next time...


Very sensible.. slipping on ice, seriously not good!

I should have run today..but so bad out there, I ended up taking my new walking boots out for a five mile walk! Not running.. but enjoyable!

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Not cheating but, as you says, also not as satisfying as outdoor running. :) No harm repeating if you want to but as W7R1 is the same as W6R3 you could always go outside when the weather clears up and see how you go.


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