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Post cold running

A few days ago on here I asked for advice on when to run after a heavy cold (the sore throat/tight chest one that's doing the rounds). I was given some great advice and on Monday I gingerly stepped out for my first run for 2017.

I kept an extra layer on as suggested and chose a totally different route so there were no gremlins to contend with. I had no expectations for this run and enjoyed seeing a tree full of balls of mistletoe as I slowly (another piece of good advice) ran past it. I approached a railway bridge with a slight incline and ran up it before taking a footpath by the side. This was when I noticed my chest very slightly tighten. I was glad I wasn't going further up the hill beyond the railway bridge. The only time I stopped was for a nose blow and to allow a rather yappy dog being picked up by its owner so that the dog walker in front of me was able to get through a narrow footpath. The rest of the run went well and I managed to run for 2.1 miles overall. My pace was slow but I expected that from the advice I had been given on here. It felt so good to be out regardless.

Today I opted for a different route once again and decided to attempt a big hill (the incline goes on for 0.8 miles) near me for the first time. I started off ok but found my legs were heavy and when I had to run up a steep part (only to go over a dual carriageway) my chest tightened again. At the top of the bridge I stopped for a nose blow and to make sure my chest loosened (which it did quite quickly) I then slowly ran up the incline taking a breather again. The elation when I was at the top was immense and I used that to carry on my circular route and go down the hill (which is steeper than the climb up). A couple of nose blows later and a headwind made me feel like I had run a marathon rather than the 2.3 miles that I did actually do.

Thank you for the advice people have given me about how to carry on after recovery as I would have felt disappointed at my lack of distance and pace; not realising that my performance would be affected so much post cold.

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I found it really surprising how much different 'bugs' have affected my running (being new to running!!). Bronchitis stopped me running for nearly 2 weeks, but I was able to pick up the program where I left off. The latest one, sore throat and crackly breathing/coughing (but not in my lungs, have checked that one with the doc!), while not stopping me running, is causing it to be harder than it had been! I can't wait to get rid of it and be fully fit with my breathing again!!

Let's hope everyone suffering from the winter bugs is fully fit again soon!

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Well done you, sounds like a great run. How nice to be back out there too. Pace and distance will come again, no rush. :)


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