Couch to 5K

Fine running, out of breath walking

I've just done Wk5 R2. I was fine whilst doing the 8 mins running (super slow) but both times when I went from 8 mins running to walking 5 mins my heart rate seemed to immediately race & I felt worse for a minute or two. Is that normal? It alarmed me so much I may stay on this run for a couple more times. Anybody else get this?


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Well done on finishing that one. I did that run on Monday and although it was a bit of a struggle I didn't get an increased heart rate. I'm no medic but you'll probably do well to take your own advice and do it again at least once to see if the same thing happens and if it does, take some professional advice before you attempt the third run of W5. It's supposed to be fun, not a hospital pass!

Good luck and tell us how you get on.


Thanks for your reply. I'm in no rush to get to week 9 so, like you say, I'll do that run again then reassess.


Are you pushing too hard? Some people have speedy walks. I'm more of a gentle plodder.

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I don't think I'm pushing too hard. I could walk faster than I run if I'm honest. I'm no spring chicken so take it easy on my creaking bones! Thanks for your reply.


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