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Here we go again. Wk3 D2

This is a busy week full of early starts and so the gremlin whispers "just go straight home?" But in defiance, I still packed my running clothes and shoes this morning and told Hubby-To-Be not to expect me home until about an hour after I finish work as I shall be going for my run. (We are then going to find him some shoes of his own as he's gone and joined the gym)

Strangely enough, I'mactually looking forward to my run. I've started imagining it as running away from the stress monsters and I'm really hoping that the noise I can hear is the air conditioning at work not rain outside (don't mind running in the rain, just forgot to pack a towel)

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Absolutely - running is a great stress reliever. Some of it's to do with the endorphins, the satisfaction of rising to the challenge, and all that. And some of it (for me, at least) is to do with getting away from everything else, not being answerable to anyone other than me, and having that short time just for myself. And the knowledge that no matter how hard it may feel at the time, by doing it I'm actually taking care of myself too.

Happy running! :)


No such thing as gremlins! Forget em. Well done on getting moving. Keeping moving is the challenge now for both of you. If you run outside while your fiancé huddles indoors it will be a competition to see who keeps going ☺️ My money is on you 😁

Rain is not a problem. Just get a cap 🙂 Good luck. Have fun


Good for you! Tell that pesky gremlin where to go. :) Enjoy it!

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