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Gotta have faith

Due to travel, time restraints, feeling like an overstuffed pillow after Christmas and now a chesty cold, I haven't run for just over a week. This morning I woke up full of congestion and feeling doubtful that I could run. I told myself I'd try a few ten minute runs and if that didn't work, I'd get a good walk in. I ran for 30 minutes!! Ok, my time wasn't fantastic, but I did it. People I passed must have thought they were about to be run over by a locomotive, but I did it. Just put your sneakers on and go out the door, that's the hardest part. Then have faith in your body, your training and your ability.

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Yes I've been suffering from xmas mince pie overload (got about extra 6lb to lose) and holidays and weather wrecking my routine. Still managed mostly 3 runs per week but not what I would call good but glad I did them.

I had up till middle of December been running nearly 6 1/2 K and for 44 minutes. also trying out podcasts. But over about 2 weeks holiday period managed to do 30 minutes of running at best . Partly carrying extra weight but also extra pace of experimenting with podcasts making me a bit breathless. Perhaps not best time to experiment with new challenges (lesson learned). Nearly doing splits on slippy surfaces didn't help !

However set out this morning with some nagging doubts about getting back to where I was but went great. Nice temperature no frost. Did 42 1/2 minutes and 6.3K and about at 5K mark did in 34 minutes. Pace nice and slow and consistent listening to my familiar music and got up my final hill towards home without too much puffing and panting.

Perhaps a bit better in some senses with more purposeful running technique which must have rubbed off from practising the podcasts ! My last kilometre which included my hill was more of a heavy plod but that it not unusual.

Think for immediate future will do 2 happy familiar runs and save just 1 for experimenting.

So started out sceptical (it's good to be sceptical) but finished on a high. As they say "If you don't buy a ticket in the raffle you don't win a prize !" Or as you say just get your sneakers on and go for it. You never know. Keep the faith.

Well done for getting out there.

Happy new year and happy running !


Well done you! Sometimes the barriers can be more in our head than from our body, can't they?! You can now try to keep this in mind next time you don't want to head out there. I always seem to have a good run when I'm absolutely dreading it. I suppose it never turns out as bad as you're expecting on those days! Bet it feels great getting back to it. :)

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