I used to look at runners/joggers and wonder why they were doing it when they usually look quite miserable. now I realise they are simply concentrating. I can't believe how much concentrating I need to do when running. I need to concentrate on breathing, relaxing my shoulders, foot placement, speed, not falling over. I can't listen to music when I run, the other day I needed to take my gloves off and it totally put me off my stride and it took a couple of minutes to recover. is this just me or do other people have to do the same? on the plus side it is good to have that time when you are not worrying about the day to day troubles.


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  • I think all that becomes second nature the longer you've been running. I remember when first learning to drive, I couldn't believe the things I had to remember...clutch, then gear change, oops did I mirror before I signalled? And I couldn't possibly have the radio on whilst driving as it broke my concentration. I'm sure, the more you run, the more natural it becomes. :)

  • Hopefully it will. Though it's quite nice to clear your mind of everything but running for a while. I do have quite poor coordination, did Zumba for a while but I was always going in the opposite direction to everyone else and bumping into people lol x

  • Some runners are miserable but most aren't and will give you a cheery wave or thumbs up. When I see our local misery guts runner I always beam at him 😁

    If you need to faff with clothing it's best to stop, then press on once you're sorted

    I won't comment about falling over 😕🤐

  • I always say a BIG cheery morning to anyone who looks miserable too, they often raise a smile....but not always 😁

  • I think it does get easier. Saying that, my music has had a habit of stopping recently so I've had to faff about to try to sort it without stopping which I struggle with! I know my thoughts tend to wander so I probably look serious sometimes too when I'm just thinking about things as I run or working out which direction I'm going to go. I always try to remember to smile if I pass someone coming the other way though! :)

  • Me too Linda_pink . I can't listen to music at all otherwise my breathing goes all over the place and I am more inclined to run too fast and struggle. For me it's all 'in' 1 step, 2 step, 'out' 1 step, 2 step... I need to think while I'm running, first of all about breathing (actually breathing all the time), and secondly about pace.😊

  • I am glad I am not the only one. also if I run too close to my partner I can hear his steps and breathing and that can put me off. who knew that something so basic can actually be so hard to do properly. I actually love when it's quiet out and enjoy evening or early morning runs when no one is about x

  • You know the joke about the idiot at the barber's where the barber finally gets him to take off his headphones and the idiot promptly dies, because the "music" on his headphones is actually the instructions "Breathe in. "Breathe out." ?

    By the time I've figured out my shoulders and my feet, I generally feel like I need those instructions.

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