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Help me get to Bushy Park parkrun next year

I will be doing a 4 week driving tour around the UK and will be staying in Portsmouth up until a Thursday morning . I would like to go to the Bushy Park parkrun on the Saturday. I don't want to drive into London and would prefer to catch a train somewhere from any convenient train station in the south west . Howver it looks ot me like all of the lines that service the three closest stations to Bushy park - Hampton Court, Hampton Wick and Teddington all seem to be on a kind of a circle line or lines form the North east of London. Can't really see how to get a convenient train without changing too many stations for the south west . I can basically stay in any hotel on the Friday night before the parkrun - provided it provides a convenient train route to Bushy park

Any ideas please???

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I don't know the area too well, but on a quick look I can see there is a travel lodge near teddinton station where you can get a train. and the park says it's a 5-10 min walk from the gate. Travel lodges are functional but clean. They are a sort of no frills hotel. I've often stayed in them and found them quiet and comfortable. some of them do a breakfast but all have kettles, so you could get a porridge which needs hot water cup and a banana if you needed fuel before your park run.

It's a start someone might know the area better than me.


RFC looks to have found a good place to stay. I don't know the area, but notice that you can get from Portsmouth to Teddington via London Waterloo. This might be your better journey Bazza?


I have found a possible solution - stay at Premier Inns Sunbury Kempton Cross hotel - with short train ride from Sunbury to Teddington. Trying to run at Bushy park does not really suit my timetable ( won't bore you with details) and yesterday I heard that the latest run had over 1200 runners!!! I am wondering if Bushy Park parkrun is literally being "loved to death" ??


Crazy coincidence, Bazza! You live on the Gold Coast, where I grew up, and now you're coming to stay in Portsmouth, where I live! Small world, isn't it?! You can get to Teddington easily enough from Portsmouth - I have done that train journey there and back just for an afternoon as the BBC studios are there. It is about a 2 hour journey though (and there are often engineering works on that route) so it might be best to stay over night. I haven't done it yet but we do have Southsea Parkrun here which is a lovely route along the seafront so if you weren't planning to perhaps you could try that too?


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