Couch to 5K

What shoes do you use ?

I had my gait analysis etc done at sweatshop years ago and was recommended (and bought) a "support and stability" shoe. A few years and two kids later started c25k on those shoes then went to get it done again recently and was told I dont pronate that much anymore and need "neutral and cushioning" ones now. Thoughts on whether this could impact on sore knees ?

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You can get very cushy neutral shoes. You could do more trail running to lessen the impact

Once your knees get strengthened you might find it less of an issue


I'd take the advice offered by the sports shop, they know their stuff!


I use brooks ravenna mainly because I am neutral but need stability and cushioning after 10km. I was told as I run more I am prone to have a little movement but I don't pronate, I have been very happy with them.


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