Couch to 5K

Back into it

With work and weather mucking up most of the 5 weeks running up to Christmas I have now got back into it.

Did a run on the 31st December and one yesterday. Not long runs as want to gently get back into it and not bring on any injuries. So just doing run 3 of week 6 for the next week or two and then move on from there. Not as bad as I thought but I suppose after the Christmas 'gluttony' you need to get rid of it first.

Any way to all the newcomers and graduates Happy New Year and hope you succeed with your goals.

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Happy New Year to you too Andy! 🍾🎉😀


Happy new year & great start and sensible! Il be taking advise from your post as likewise haven't been out for a couple of weeks and maybe weekend before I start due to illness but I will be back out ther soon!! Will try starting back at same week😊Happy🏃🏃🏃😊


Happy New Year and happy running Andy!


Well it seems that evening runs definately do not suit me. Struggled to complete run 3 week 6 last night but had no problems doing the same run 2 days before in the morning.

Back to the mornings for me I think and if I have to do an evening run find some sort of routine to get me going.


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