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Park run 1 done

It has been a bit up and down since completing c25k at the end of November but I have run regularly ( though not as often as I hoped) and found and achieved a 5k route. I have enjoyed running with my daughter who is home from university and that has upped my pace a bit. So today it was time to brave a park run, no excuses as it is held an easy 10 min walk from my home, I did it and felt quite virtuous so early on a New Year's Day. Next week I will have to brave it on my own as daughter and all her moral support will be back at university. Happy running everyone.

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Haha. Well done. I've ran a race every NYE since I started so I could feel virtuous. And what a great way to spend time together as a family.


Well done - love Parkrun ❤️


Well done - it won't feel so bad next time!

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