Couch to 5K

My 5k goal done!!!!

Over the weekend I ran 2 back to back parkruns in quite extreme heat - and the second of those two was my 85th parkrun. I have never been fast - running a sub-30 minutes 5k only once and my times at parkrun have varied between around 31 - 37 minutes on most occasions. I decided about 12-18 months ago that seeing as how I was never going to be "fast" I wanted to develop my 5K running so that it would become "easy" for me. I think I have now developed that relatively speaking along with a certain "toughness" . On the two back to back runs yesterday, I came first in my age group 70-75 in both ( the only participant :) ) - but interestingly for me , I came 110 out of 207 runners in the first run and 82 out of 215 in the second run. This second run seemed to get to other runners more than the first - being the second in a row and also hotter being started 90 minutes after the first and the sun had had a chance to get some ferocity in it.

I would now like to "conquer" the 10K distance in the same way that I feel I have conquered the 5K distance - but of course there are no 10K parkruns to practice this :)

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Well done Bazza - that's some good finishes.


Brilliant. Well done and great times.


Well done Bazza - an inspiration to us all!


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