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Watch out, watch out, there's a gremlin about

So the day I was due to run with my son dawned sunny and bright. And Cold. It has been so mild down here that I had forgotten what it feels like to breathe in really cold air, so I spent a couple of minutes coughing before I remembered I could pull my buff up over my nose.

We were on the tarmac path by the river in deference to the fact he only has road shoes and I only have trail shoes, and were trotting along quite happily at my pace*, having a chat and keeping the dog out of the way of passing cyclists when all of a sudden 10 minutes was already up and the dreaded 3minute temp run was announced.

We were running at son's pace! I could still just about talk so - as we were just short of half time - we agreed to run as far as the bridge that was fast approaching, touch the rail then turn round and head back. The bridge was getting really close when I just about heard Sergeant Bossy Boots announce 11/2 minutes of the fast bit was done. Up the slight slope to the bridge, touch the rail, turn round, down the slope, fumble my phone out of my sports bra to make sure I hear SBB announce the end--

The gremlins have struck! My phone has restarted...

We finish the fast run at roughly the same place we started (so definitely more than 3 minutes done) and slow to a jog. Trying to figure out how to manipulate the app so we know when another 10 minutes was up.

Dear readers I did not make 10 more minutes, I made 71/2 and by then I was getting a stitch (for the first time since I was at school!) We did walk very briskly most of the way back to the car though.

*Map my fitness reckons we did the first kilometre a whole minute faster than I would do if I was on my own, this ptoves 2 things 1) I am totally incapable of judging how fast I am going & 2) that obviously I am capable of running faster than I normally do.

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Sounds like a really nice run, even if the last couple of minutes were curtailed... Those gremlins will do their best, attacking the tech if they can't get at you personally - but you didn't let them win.

And I know what you mean about being unable to judge your own pace. I came back from my w6r3 thinking I'd gone really slowly and steadily, and found I was way quicker than normal. And yesterday's w7r1, on a lovely flat route (unlike my normal slight hills), was considerably slower even though I'd have thought it was quicker...! 🙄

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Sounds a good run despite the glitch!

Good to get out with your son too!

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