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New joiner & first posting


I have downloaded the C25K from NHS Choices this morning and am about to start the program. I am fed up with being unfit & overweight so decided that 2017 will be the year I get fit & lose weight. I have read through some of the posts on here and it's nice to find others who are on the same journey as me. I have run 5k before but it's easy to let it slide and here I am starting over. To help motivate myself, I am going to sign up to the Race for Life 5k :)

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Brilliant, you are in good company and will find plenty of support here... good luck and enjoy it 😎


Welcome, good for you, you're going to be fantastic. You've said here you're going to do Race for life, so that's it you've got to do it now 😉, Everyone here will help you reach your goal, post and visit often, there is always someone about who will listen, guide, share, encourage, or whatever else you may need.

Good luck, and again, welcome to the forum, you're on your way!



Welcome aboard :) You'll find great support and motivation here!


Right place & great goal!

Welcome to the forum too:)


Well done. The C25K podcast really worked for me. Let us know how you're getting on .


Best decision you'll probably make all year!! Keep in touch with your progress and ask if you have any questions. Great to set yourself a goal for such a fantastic cause. :-)


Great idea to get fitter and be more active. I graduated a year ago now, and I run every week x 3 times and love it. The programme is fantastic and a real challenge worth going for. I have found losing weight still a difficulty mainly because before running I lost 14 lbs and then I thought I was being so active, I deserved treats and I put on a stone. So I was definitely fitter but running didn't lose weight for me. I have since started counting calories which worked for me before and have lost the stone I put back on and a little more too. I have used a free App called My Fitness Pal which allows me to set daily calorie goals, track all the food I eat and there is a very helpful forum. So it is about choosing to eat filling and healthy foods (like vegetables) and deciding that a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps is a waste of time!


Welcome. That's what I did for motivation as well - signed up for a race before even knowing about the program. It kept me motivated and on track, though the program is brilliant for that as well. It's nice to celebrate your efforts with some fun.


If you've already run 5k in the past then you're starting from a great place. This programme changes people in so many ways, not only physically, it's awesome. Fantastic that you've already signed up for a run too. Enjoy the journey :)

Welcome Dhiny! Let us know how you get on

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