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Xmas day virtual parkrun

I went along with my 22 year old son to do our Xmas day Parkrun. Legs felt like lead, he has an on-off knee injury and had been out til all hours the night before but crawled out of his bed to keep his promise to me. I trotted, he walked beside me breaking into a slow jog now and again.

It was a grey mild morning and about 200 fewer than usual turned out but there were Santa marshals, a Santa musician and chocolate brownies at the finish line.

I ran slower than usual, came in at 41:06 but had a goodly number of people behind me. If only I could run the whole way at the pace of my sprint finish, I'd be round in 30 mins ;)

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Brilliant that you got up and out! Great run.


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I did the Manchester platt fields Christmas Day one , about 350 people there , it was lovely . 29 mins for me


Well done SW. Were the chocolate brownies Runners dressed as brownies or real ones for you to eat! 😉 😂

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Real runners with a box of real edible brownies ;) Best of both worlds.


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