Couch to 5K

I'm living on a Christmas Cake?

Hi everybody.

I decided to have a long easy run this morning as it was bright, windy and I wanted to test myself.

This is the first time that I have run without Laura's voice. I downloaded a running thingy mi bob into my Ipod.

My run today was to Sandsfoot Castle which is on the other side of Portland Harbour.

I set off after my warmup walk at 8am, then jogged thru Chiswell, passing several dog walkers all wishing me a merry xmas. I joined the causeway, there was a very strong wind and it was dry, I had 2 layers of clothing on so felt warm and happy.

Running over the causeway my legs started to ease off, then the journey became more enjoyable. When I was halfway across I could see Sandsfoot Castle across the water. There were a few cars about, people no doubt visiting friends or relatives. Ten or so cyclists flying along heading towards Portland. I passed a few runners all heading towards the island, I was impressed how many people were about, with everyone shouting xmas greetings.

At the end of the causeway I joined the Rodwell Trail, which is an old railway line that has been turned into a walking/cycling route. The Sun decided that it would stop hiding and I was bathed in a warm light as I headed towards Weymouth. I reached the signs for Sandsfoot Castle and headed there, eventually running thru the castle to the harbour opening.

I stopped for a few seconds to marvel at the fantastic view of Portland, across the water. The Island was a magnificent sight, with a large white cloud perched just above it and on top of that a reddish golden globe. (SUN) I wished that I had brought my mobile phone for a photo, as I was looking at a giant Christmas Cake across the water.

I set off on my return journey, the sun and wind were now in my face. Turning towards the Sailing Academy halfway over the causeway, there were loads of birds at the waters edge having a Christmas dip.

As I reached Portland Castle there were a couple of people swimming in the harbour. A young family were in a deserted carpark, Mum & Dad had their hearts in their mouths as they watched their two offspring trying to master their new cycles.

The hill up to my home was a slog and I felt quite tired but kept on running till I got home. I was looking forward to the day ahead, laughs, good food and drink, with wonderful company and a lot of gifts for everybody.

The run was 6.7 miles long or 10.7km. I was pleased that I completed the run as its the starting point for my training programme.

I have decided to run a Half Marathon on Sunday 19th February 2017. So I will be completing eight weeks of training for my first Half Marathon.

I hope that you all have a great day and to the lucky ones a great run as well.

Merry Christmas.

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Wow! Go you ☺ Sounds like a good start to the day ☺ Followed by a hearty dinner. What could be better.

Good news about the HM ☺

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Wow, a fantastic 10k to start Christmas Day! Go you! :)

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Brilliant, well done. Sounds like a good run for you today. I have walked the Rodwell trail from Weymouth to Portland Bill, it must be great to run along the old railway line. All the best with your training, I am very impressed with your plan to do a HM in February - good luck to you.


Sounds like a great run. Good luck with your half marathon!

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