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Week 5 - dreading run 3


Just completed run 2. Managing to do the runs without stopping and my recovery walks are feeling much better but I really can't see how I can suddenly step up to 20 minutes in one go ☹️

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But you will. Laura knows what she is doing! Just start out nice and slow and keep plugging away.

You can do this!

If it helps, I think we all felt like that. You might have to dig deep at some point but you can definitely do it. Head out with a smile on your face and enjoy seeing just how far you've come. You'll feel amazing afterwards :)


I promise you - we all felt the same.

And it might have taken us a few 'practice runs' - but we made it through and so can you :)

Main things to focus on are - run slowly, I mean REALLY SLOWLY.

Second - RELAX. don't run all tensed up and worried that you cannot do it.

Thirdly - keep it in perspective, look how far you've come already compared to where you started. If you had been told to run W5R2 the first day you really would have been screwed, right? Yet now you have done it. That's progress - and that is what the programme is about, you progressively build up your stamina. Some build it up fast, some slow...but as long as you keep going out the front door and working it you too will be putting 'Graduate' beside your name also :)

Thanks everyone - I'm going as slow as I think I can without walking so I'm just going to have to focus and tell myself my body can do it. If I don't complete it first time should I just keep trying to do the 20 minutes until I do or should I respect the whole of week 5 until I do - any thoughts?

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I repeated a few runs, but never went back to the start of a week. The programme is basically about piling one brick of stamina on top of another. If you can't quite manage to put a particular block on the first time it makes little sense to take off one or two below it :)

Having said that - there is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' programme so your individual needs/comfort level comes into play also. About the most objective bit of advice I can give you based on my own 'real world' experience is be cautious about doing anything if you find you are thinking of it in 'must do it' language.

Remember - take it slow, then slower still when the hurt starts hitting to get things in perspective and be able to focus on what your body is really trying to tell you while the Gremlins of your Mind try and get you to stop altogether :)

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Thanks 😊

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I feel sure you will do it Gertlet. Set out in a positive frame of mind. This is the next run and you ARE ready. Start as slowly as you can to save some energy for the last few mins. It is a breakthrough run and Laura will help you through it. 😊

Good luck.


I felt like that and was very surprised to have completed it successfully! [It was quite a relief to me, though, that the first two runs of week 6 went back to having recovery walks!!]

I'm now on week 7 [having had to take a break for nearly 2 weeks due to a chest infection] and still can't believe that I can now run for 25 minutes non-stop!!!

You can do it - and if it doesn't quite happen the first time, then just try again! :)

Go on you - you'll be fine - ignore the voices in your head that will tell you that you're struggling and just keep going


It is actually possible to run slower than you walk. I know this from experience - for instance those times when you see the elderly dog walker ahead of you pulling further and further away... :-D If you are doing a running action you are running so that gives lots of scope for slowing down. So, if you are struggling go even slower, and talk yourself through it - recite rhymes or songs (aloud or in your head, count, count markers eg lampposts). Good luck and enjoy!


You really can do this. It is definitely as much a mental challenge as it is physical. People have all sorts of methods for tricking the gremlins, from counting steps to breaking it down into 5 minute chunks. I actually ran week 5 run 2 again and just kept running through the walk break! Just start slow and keep it steady, if necessary slow some more.. and then some more, just don't stop :) You can do this!


You just will. I didn't understand it either & I did!

Trust the system & go for it. 😀

Thanks for the support and advice everyone. Pleased to say on Christmas Eve I managed the 20 minutes first time - spent the rest of the day in happy shock!

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Ha ha 😊 Well done you! You see it just works! You can do anything now!!!!

Enjoy that amazing feeling - I remember it a few weeks ago! It's just great!

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Thanks - must learn to banish the self doubt! Whoever devised C25K is certainly a clever bod!

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