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Wk10r1 (or first postgrad run!)

I used the stepping stone podcast & thought I was sticking close to the beat, but when I checked my strava at the end, it told me a different story!

KM1: 6:43

KM2: 6:39

KM3: 6:42

KM4: 6:26

0.9: 6:59

Whatever it was nearly 2 mins slower than my Parkrun on Sat, so maybe just shows the difference running with others makes!

Glad to get my first post grad run out of the way, it's now I really need to establish the running routine:) Also good to run in the daylight, after weeks of night runs!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of doing the runs you want :)

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I'm scared of that bit: that I won't be as motivated!


Just keep going the pattern you've establish over the last 9 weeks:)


Well done! I am free range running now and am enjoying it. Going with my own music and trying not to sing along! It's a great feeling isn't it, having graduated I mean :)


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