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Run or the dentist?


Just thought I would say how much mental attitudes affect heart rate ... I track my heart rate carefully, won't bore you with the sordid detail! ... on Sunday I did W2R3, heart rate got to about 114. Today did W3R1, heart rate got to 131. Yesterday went to the dentist to get a broken tooth fixed, heart rate got to 147. I hope it's taught me to relax and trust Laura, I'll hope so. Trust Laura, gradually getting there!

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Those are impressively low heart rates. My first meagre runs had me averaging 164 (per my Fitbit). In week 7 I'm down to 150.

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for me the recommended max is 149 (oldie!) I'm not allowed to go below 50. I use Fitbit too. Cardiologist is wildly encouraging about me doing this stuff and says that if I reach 220 he'll re-set the machine and give me a medal! Never thought I'd say it, but I have started loving this and get withdrawal symptoms if I have to miss one. Looks to me as if my most important HR target is not to go to the dentist too often

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