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So I've just completed w4r2 and I am actually loving it (not so much at the time, but after running I feel great!) I am a bit apprehensive about next week though, a jump up to 20mins seems like a lot at once. But I can only try! I run with my dog and she makes it look so easy.... barely trotting to keep pace with me .....

I've also just joined a gym so that I can keep the routine of getting up early and exercising but still have rest days from running, and am doing mostly strength training there, so my running days can be rest days for that right? Or am I over doing it? I don't want to get injured but at the same time I want to keep in a routine...

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I alternate my running with gym days, and stick to strength and flex exercises, and a lot of upper body/arm strengthening (which has really helped my recovery after the mastectomy and lumpectomy earlier this year). I also try to swim at least once a week, sometimes two or three times depending on how much time I have. I was actually going to the gym before I took up the C25K challenge, and it was one my Macmillan Trainer who encouraged me to include a few intervals of running into my treadmill warm up which started me off. I think my gym work really helps my general fitness, which in turn helps my running. Well done you for getting so active.


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