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Long weekend- even longer run (by my standards, anyway)

Having a nasty cold for a week and a half, I couldn't go running. At the weekend, however, I decided to get on with it and go to my squad training (sailing). I felt well enough to do all of the warm ups and so decided to go for a run tonight. I left off at Week 4 run 1 but because it was dark and raining (I forgot to mention, I don't use the podcasts) I couldn't see the running times that I'd written on my hands. So what did I do? I decided to run for as long as I could and I ended up running 3.7K in 20 minutes. I'm really pleased that I could get back so far having not had a break from a long weekend, and it's certainly raised my spirits about the week coming :)

For my next run, I'm going to hopefully do 20 minutes (Week 5- Run 3) just to make sure that I can actually manage it and then I may move on to week six, depending on how I feel.

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It's good to be back out there isn't it😊 Move on when youi're ready. You will probably be ready having, managed the previous week


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