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Week 9 Run 2

Heading out for this run this afternoon. I haven't run since Tuesday last week as I niggled a problem I have with my hip on my first 30min run but it's feeling good now. Also strangely I had my worst gremlins on that run after about fifteen minutes so will be interested to see how I get on today; they don't normally kick in until the latter part of my runs. Beautiful crisp sunny day here but I don't finish work until three thirty so may not get to run in much of the remaining daylight!

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Well done me too plan to graduate on Wednesday when are you doing yours

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Never made my run 2, the hip seemed to sense I was planning on running and started complaining! Hoping to do it tomorrow then hopefully graduate on Friday. Good luck for your graduation run!


Keep plugging away, slowly, slowly.

Gremlins! No such thing. Just don't accept them and they won't bother you again ☺

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