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Made friends with The Treadmill.... 1st Post Grad Run

So I was prepping my morning gear last night when I realized that most of my running-outside gear was in the laundry. I resolved that I was going to make friends with the treadmill at the gym, and just do a relaxed 30 minutes with no pressure at as consistent a pace as I could muster.

My first Post Graduate run ended up a new PB in 30 minutes: 4.168 km!!

It was challenging, and I had to slow down in the last 5 minutes just a bit (0.1 twice), but I was determined to go the full 30. Breathing is getting better/easier.

I feel like I made friends with the Treadmill... we learned to respect one another. I'm letting the hate go.

How was your run today? x

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There you go! No problem, just keep on with your 30 min run three times a week and at least one rest day in between! 😀👏🏻👏🏻

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Sounds like a good run to me. Well done. The treadmill has its place

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