I have a lurgy

I was going along great guns (wk 8 run 2 - which I did on Friday, 3 days ago) until I came down with a cold a couple of days ago.

I don't have a flu or a fever but I'm definitely tiring much faster than I usually would and I feel a bit woozy and stuffed up. I thought I'd give myself an extra day's rest and then I'd be feeling better but I seem to be getting worse.

So, my question is, is it ok to go out running with a cold in this freezing weather? Should I just slow myself right down and not expect much, maybe not even hit the duration target of the run if I'm feeling really out of breath? Not sure what's best really. Don't want to have to go back too far after all this hard work.

Thanks for any advice.


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4 Replies

  • If you're feeling unwell, tired, and generally lurgified, I'd take a few days off until you're feeling somewhat better. Going out when you're under the weather isn't likely to help much - you might feel dispirited about not being able to go as far/fast/long as previously, and your body is already working hard at fighting an infection without being asked to do something as strenuous as running.

    Having a week off isn't going to put you right back to the beginning - you should be able to pick up where you were, or go back perhaps to week 7 for the first run once you're recovered just so it's slightly shorter.

  • Brilliant advice from RainbowC . Take time off and look after yourself 👍🏼

  • Ok, thanks for the replies, guys. Yeah I think it's best really. Give me an excuse to wrap up and watch Netflix :) Even after a long walk (which I've been doing that last couple of days just for purposes of getting around cos I don't drive) I do feel pretty weird afterwards. Onwards and upwards once I'm back to normal!

  • Oh just an update on this in case anyone was reading it. I took a week off running to recover completely and when I started running again my time had actually increased. So seems like a week off is not necessarily such a bad thing.

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