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Post run cough

Hi everyone,

Now it's getting colder I'm finding I get a pesky dry cough after my run. I know it's nothing to worry about as I'm fine while running and it's only when I stop that I get it. Of course I have googled and exercise induced bronchospasm seems to be the common culprit.

It's annoying more than uncomfortable and I don't want to annoy a GP at this busy time of year with something quite trivial (and self-inflicted, I suppose!). I would also prefer not to go down the road of inhalers if possible.

I'm also a self-confessed mouth breather and can't change that either as I get light headed if I try to just breath through my nose!

Has anyone had the same issue and if so, any tips to prevent or treat it?


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Sometimes I have a quick cough...but not really an issue.. try sucking a sweet..some of the folks here find that helps, stops your mouth and throat from getting dry. I tuck a sugar free Polo at the side of my mouth.. and a neck Buff, also, is great.

You can pull up it over your mouth and it stops the cold air.Many of us use them at this time of the year.. they stop cold raindrop drips down the back of the neck too :).I have no issues with breathing through it; I wear glasses too.. and no issues with steaming up.

Maybe also, a small hand held water bottle, for sips of water if you feel you are getting a bit dry :)

Incidentally.. are you quite relaxed when you run...? I find if I am holding myself tense that can sometimes be a factor...just thoughts.. and probably no help at all.. but something may work :)


I never google terrifies me :)


I have been getting quite a chesty cough the next day after I've been out for a run when it has been particularly cold. It eases off after a day or so. I breathe in and out through my mouth cannot get enough breath through my nose. I'll try Oldfloss 's remedies too and see if it works


The trick is, just to keep breathing..I was telling myself that, this morning :)


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