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Week 5 run 1 tonight

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Completed week 4 on Wednesday evening and went for a couple of beers to celebrate completion - last beer of the year as I'm having a 'dry December'.

Last day of week four was a struggle until the last run when I realised what I wasn't having to think about my breathing and was quite comfortably handling it '

Got bored during warm down walk and sprinted (well ran as fast as I can at my age) for a couple of hundred metres during it - headed for the shower feeling great and I'm really looking forward to starting week five tonight.

And one month today I'll be up early for my first run in America - only one of the runs I'll do on my holiday where I haven't found somewhere nice to run so far - anyone run in Kissimmee before?

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Well done ! The C25K has certainly put a spring in your step ! Sprinting eh !

It can be infectious ! I got off at local rail station once and ran up the walkway (about 100 odd metres to exit). Thought I had become Forrest Gump ! As I say a sort of sprinting for my age.

Never been but Kissimmee sounds a great place. Sure they'll let you run there.

The sense of achievement is great apart form the health and wellbeing. Let us all know how you progress !

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