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Week 4 Run 1- Very Pleased

After having to have yet ANOTHER week off because of a blister that burst on my left heel, I started back on week 4. Starting with a 5 minute walk as usual, I felt so good running that i let all of my times run over for 2/3 minutes, and actually found that it worked really well because it was working, and I could actually run it!

I did get a stitch at the end of one of my running times though, and I was just wondering what kinds of things I can do to get rid of them quickly?

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Blisters! vaseline smear the feet, toes, heel before runs ☺ put plaster over blister and leave it alone. Epsom salts in the post run bath helps dry them up.

Stitch can be indigestion caused by maybe going out too soon after a meal, or by being too hungry Running hills, jiggling the middle, sometimes causes it - well it does for me. I stop running, bend down and touch my toes then slow rise upwards with arms in the air and reach for the sky, then side bend into the side of the stitch and then straighten back up and go. if it persists you can try running for a bit with your arms still reaching for the sky. might look a bit daft but needs must. just stopping and touching the toes might be sufficient.

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Will try that, thanks a lot :)


Well done! I'm just about to head out for W4R2, it was too cold this morning! Not it's very dark but I'm going anyway....

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