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Thank you for the music!!

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Happy Sunday everybody!!

I've seen quite a few posts with my fellow runners lamenting Laura's choice of music on the podcasts. I especially had a bit of a giggle on Friday because it's an entirely special collection for week 9.

Yesterday I took part in a 10 km which I registered for at the start of my c25k journey and because it was an official ASA (Athletics South Africa 🇿🇦) event, all electronic music devices and headphones were not allowed.

Besides the fact that I have only ever ran 4km in 30 minutes (the day before) , I mostly feared running without the encouragement about how wonderful I am from Laura. I started ok, kept a good pace and although I was dead last I made it quite comfortably until 6km full running. I finished the rest walking the rest of the way, briskly I might add.

I eventually reached the finish line at 1 hour and 32 minutes, which I feel ok about, because I did it. But I believe I need to train quite a bit more before I tackle another 10km. Following my graduation, I must also focus on training myself to run without Laura, or else risk disqualification.

I've had a glorious journey the past while and I couldn't have done it without all my cheerleaders on this forum. Two more runs of running with Laura, and although the music isn't entirely my cup of tea, none of my favourites has ever made me a runner.

Have a wonderful week, everyone . Next week this time I'll be a graduate!!!

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Ooch. That's tough. I've had my headphones run out of battery at the start of the race and then I have to listen to my laboured breathing. Guess it's something we all should practice. Congratulations on an epic effort. Once you've graduated it doesn't take long to start hitting that 10k mark with hard work and determination.


Well done. Brave to enter a 10K. When you graduate I bet you'll be flying. If you can do events occasionally it spurs you on.

Your right . I used to think certain music might get me motivated. But alas I could never run as fast as Jimi Hendrix can play a Guitar !

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