Week 6 finished!

Hiya, there seems to be a few of us on here finishing week 6 at the moment, which has been v handy for me.... always grateful for advice and story sharing!

I finished my week 6 today.... wasn't easy, wasn't all fun and games but I did it! 25 minutes! I must admit I had a few gremlins with me today for the first time but managed to shake em off and keep plodding. Also I started to notice the songs starting to come around again in the podcasts... but I'll put up with that as long as Laura keeps telling me I'm a runner! ;)

New shoes this weekend as a treat and then it'll be week 7! Woop!

Have an ace weekend guys,



4 Replies

  • Ah this is great Russ, Well done !

    Hey, don't forget to post a photo of your new runners - its the law !

    Have a great weekend :-) xxx

  • You little runner you! Well done.. getting closer by the week :)

    New shoes...pikkie please.. it is the rule on here... :)

    25 minutes...who'd have thought it eh?

    As that well known chap Thomas Edison said..

    " If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."... And we do, don't we?

    Well done!

  • Well done! Laura knows everything so she must be right! :) My favourite part of the programme was from Week 7 onwards. Keep going, sounds like you're doing brilliantly!

  • Well done Russell. :)

    It sounds like you're really tearing through these runs now. That's the spirit! :)

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