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Week 9! Run 1 in the bag :) only 4.5k though... what next? 10k apps? Weight loss would be good!


Well I just got back from week 9 run 1 and it was GREAT! I even ran for an extra 3 minutes (ish) just to prove to myself that I could. I genuinely never thought I'd get this far- & be enjoying it!

Lovely Sanjeev kholi on the podcast seems to think now I'm a graduate but that will be at the end of run 3, surely? Then what? How do I get my graduate badge? 😋I plan to keep doing week 9 until I can actually do 5k in 30 minutes- but I want to actually lose about a stone in weight and only managed about 3lb so far, alas. Even though I'm eating less too :( so I'm up for running longer fwiw... any recommended apps to take me up to 10k?

Ive not posted much on here but read a lot of inspirational stuff, so THANK YOU - don't think I could have done it without you lot! Xx

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Whats next . . . . . keep running!

The open road is yours for the taking. Go further, go faster, just enjoy the journey, enter some races (okay you probably won't win, but they are addictive and you meet some great people.


Well done. With your weight loss like me it was a 2 pronged attack with be BMI .I am about 2lbs off what's called normal for me and am happy with that. It may come off but not worrying about it feel great health an well being and mentally. I lost about 10lb over course of C25K . Think the last bit that people want to lose comes off more gradually. A stone in not far to go.

As many on here will say do not worry too much about doing the C25K in the 30 minutes. You will find that you will speed up and the main thing is to do the time and build up stamina.

I do regularly 6k in about 40 minutes. When I do 5K runs it is lie as they say "A walk in the park". Still don't do 5k in thirty minutes do in about 33 and it will get a bit faster. How I look at it is "My aim was to do 30 minutes anything else is a bonus". Also I have built up a buffer so that I can never set myself up for a bad run. I can run 30 minutes relatively easy and maintain my fitness.

Although I do like a challenge ! Recently moved so now have to go up and down a hill to get to my favourite canal and lake runs. So before hardly ever did any kind of inclines now have conquered my hill.

Main thing is to be happy perhaps do some different routes run a bit longer to build up stamina. Try other podcasts for stamina and speed on this site. I also cycle to work and one or 2 days have run 4K to work. plan to make that regular 1 day to help maintain my 3days per week running (other 2 days I run on Wednesday and Sunday days off)

Good luck

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Thank you! Yes I feel that I can definitely work my way to going further and probably faster too! Great to hear you are conquering hills too To get to my nature reserve I've been having to run up a couple of hills every time... at first I was timing it so it would be the walking bit and now of course there's no avoiding it! But I get a buzz out of knowing I can 'run' (read very slow jog) up a hill that I used to dislike even walking up :) I'll do some searches of the group for recommended longer than runs. I'm definitely going to be carrying on - running. It's amazing!

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