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Slowly, Slowly, That's the Way to do It: W5 R1

So, after the pulled muscle thing of Monday night, I have spent what feels like all week icing, and then icing and heating my lower calf. And, when not lying on the sofa doing that, I've tried to keep up with some VERY GENTLE calf stretches.

Anyhoo, everything was feeling at about 95% this morning, so I thought - rightly or wrongly - that I'd attempt another run.

Now, I don't normally run round and round a park - for 1) I kind of feel like an idiot, and for 2) my dog thinks it's a weird thing to do when the countryside is *right there* on our doorstep - but I thought if anything were to go 'snap' I wanted to be close enough to my car to limp back to it if necessary, so I drove to a local Rec' and off I set. Very, very slowly.

It took me the whole half hour to do 3 circuits, not helped by the fact that my phone crashed after the first 10 minutes so I had to time myself on my watch - desperately willing the minute hand to keep moving when it looked like it was standing still. Good job it was a simple run 5, walk 3 or I'd have been stumped.

Sunday morning I'm due to run with the beginners (canicross) running group I belong to and I might be able count that as W5 R2

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Well done. Slowly, slowly is the way to go. Let's hope the calf behaves.

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Well done you... slow and steady.

The post made me smile... when I started C25K I chose routes not too far from home in case I collapsed in a heap...:)

Good luck with the Canicross :)

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The countryside really is RIGHT THERE... Out the back door, turn left, go up the hill a couple of hundred yards and I'm in a field :D beyond that I'm on what passes for level ground around here and can start my session. Which includes a down hill towards home!

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