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I think I'm becoming Forrest Gump. Photo montage of Forrest running up walkway from Station (vivid imagination required)

I think I'm becoming  Forrest Gump. Photo montage of Forrest running up walkway from Station (vivid imagination required)

You know Picasso had a "CUBIST" period well the photo montage is me in my "Running" period.

On Wednesday I ran along canal to edge of city centre to donate blood and meet some ex work mates (to scrounge a free lunch off them). Especially me now being a poor semi-retired , nearly-pensioner !

Anyway as soon as I got off the local train home I immediately ran up the hill from the platform to the exit (about 100 to 150 metres) ! I even ran on the pavement when it was clear of other pedestrians. Before doing C25K if I was one of the passengers left behind in my dust trail I would have thought as the others "Who is that madman. What's the rush". I was that madman.

Today I ran to work (about 4.2K in 29minutes). I didn't have a puncture ! I did it because it would mean that I had squeezed in a third run this week.

It was 6am and freezing cold ( luckily not raining) . I found a route which was only a slight incline overall and had 3 out of 4 stretches through local parkland (or what was used to be know more as recreation grounds). Was very poor lighting but really felt great on finishing. After work I ran part of the way on the parts that went through parkland (about 2K).

After running to meet old work mates at work I was not sure about admitting having run to me them. Most were quite shocked. I had to explain my weight loss somehow anyway or they may have worried that I was ill !

Most thought I was mad when I used to cycle to work. In one sense I was glad when the conversation got on to other things than my running. Anyway bottom line is didn't lose any friends !

I never talk to anyone about my running as if I'm on a mission or trying to impress. I don't really encourage discussing it. Your imagination can run wild and about those who don't know you that well. You can imagine them thinking "OOh look at him showing off" or something like that.

I must admit am a bit coy about talking about it. After all I remember posting on here (and others have) about not a first admitting to running and being a "closet" runner.

Anyway am over it now. Just got to worry about becoming obsessed or Forrest Gump!

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LOL That is such a great post. I was wondering how you got on with your blood donation. Hope the lunch was good. And the tea and bikkies! Well done, donating blood and running, though not in that order, great effort :)


Thanks. I didn't run all the way home. Just got carried away when got off at station and started running. It was a good couple of hours after my donation. you get all sorts of chocolate and fruit and biscuit treats now after donation.

The lunch was fine although not used to eating too much at 1 O'clock. I don't drink most of others had a drink (there excuse is work drives them to drink). I've already told them that when the boss says "Jump" don't say "How High ?" . You must say "Where's the fire?"

I see your running is going fine. As the song goes "Keep on running". Don't tell anyone but I don't know much about who sings what. Old tunes pop into my head. "I'm looking over a four leafed clover" is the one for you !!

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Great advice for your work colleagues, I hope they take heed. I can't eat a lot at lunchtime either. But, as it's my graduation party, ssh . . . I am now having a glass of fizz. But I did go for a swim after work. Haven't got a champagne flute emoji and don't think I can add a photo to my earlier post, so you'll have to use your imagination. Love the songs. Loving my running, can't believe how happy it's made me! Forgot to say how amazing your montage was. FG 😉

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Haha! Love it! And I hate to break the news to you Joe but you are obsessed 🤗 and isn't that just fab? In the words of our IannodaTruffe "keep running".

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