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New to C25K!

Hi All :)

I am new to C25K! I have about 7 stone to loose (a lot I know) but I am fairly active, I play football as a GK and I have a PT at the gym, however I struggle to run for any length of time before running out of breath. I have downloaded the app and determined to get going this week!

Just had a question to see if anyone had struggled with the 3 times a week and whether they have found they needed to repeat the first few weeks? With work commitments, football, the gym and traveling to see my boyfriend I don't have a lot of 'spare' time and don't know if I would be able to fit in 3 times a week. Did anyone else have this problem and how did you work around this?

Thank you all, you all inspire me! :)

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The three times a week is intended to build fitness and stamina - but it does sound as if you are pretty active otherwise. The programme is flexible and I'm sure it would be doable on a couple of runs a week, it would just take you a bit longer to build up to the 30 minutes.

Good luck! You won't regret it.


Hi Emma

Pleased you've decided to start C25k! You can 3 times a week if you can fit it in. It takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. It is more walking than jogging for the first weeks so don't worry. You just do the sessions very slowly, which is the best way by far to tackle it. I know some people struggle with some of the runs and do them again. That's fine!

If you keep active and stay busy, do C25k, then you should see the weight come off. Healthy eating/drinking is key of course

Good luck!


No big deal. The 'weeks' of the program aren't really weeks. The goal is to complete 3 runs from each week before moving on. If it takes you a week and a half to get those runs in, no big deal.


Hi, I started yesterday and found it quite hard, so I expect to take longer than 9 weeks, but you know what? I will do it, and I am so looking forward to it. I have lost a fair amount of weight and am reasonably active but have never been able to run, even at school. I am 48 now and determined to lose my remaining 4 stone and be able to run 5km by the time I hit 50 :) Good luck, the support here is fantastic x


So i just did my first session, was really tough and i had to stop a couple of times as my calfs were painfully tight! My app also stopped working half way through which didnt help either lol. It may take longer than 9 weeks but i feel good for doing it! :)

P.s. anyone else have trouble with the app just stopping?


I thought mine must have stopped as I never knew 60 seconds was that long, but no, I didn't have any problem. Well done, I know what you mean as I couldn't manage it all but still felt great for what I did do....we will get there!


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