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Missing out weeks 1-3 or beginners weeks?

Hello All

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this?

If you can already run ten minutes none stop, are you able to miss out the beginning weeks and start the programme mid way through?

Or do you think you really do need to start the programme from the beginning so there's a good foundation?

Thank you :-)

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Start at the beginning and work through...is my advice: )

It will serve to reinforce your skills.. and it does lay the ground work for the way you should be trying to run...safely and enjoyably. There is a good deal of advice in those early weeks on posture, breathing, style, etc...:)

By listening to the podcasts, you pick up all the tips you need for the final 30 minute runs in Week 9.. and you reach there, hopefully injury free and having had a great time on the way :)


I would start from the beginning. This program is designed to build up your stamina and you are technically learning to run (for a prolonged time eventually) by learning how to breath and gain confidence in your ability.

Do the runs, take the rest days, and enjoy your successes. Share them on here if you want to...and you will get to 30 minutes non-stop running. Honestly 😊

Good luck.


Hmm, I'd say go in at week 4 - you'll run more than 10 mins in total, but broken up a bit. If that run is very easy, then try the next week on your next run.


I'd start from the beginning. I could run a mile when I started, but not sure I could have done it more than once in that week... the programme is designed to build stamina and it's only a couple of weeks. That said some do start further in to the programme.


Thank you so much everyone!

Actually - I went out today and ran for 30 minutes 😂

However, I very much doubt I made the 5K mark (another 7 minutes or so would've done it...........I am very slow......the fastest ever I've done a 5K in my life when I was at my fittest was 33 minutes! Some people at my local Park Run can do it in 17! 😬)

I'm getting old!

thanks again for your advice



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