I was very naughty not to go last night but I was absolutely shattered! So I'm off on W3R1 tonight after work. The worst thing about it is, is that I am aching from head to toe. I've woken up with really sore lower back and hips and struggling to walk properly, I'm on regular lemsip for a sore throat and my knees feel like they have painful bubbles in them. But I really want to do this, but I'm worried about doing damage rather than gaining a good run. Any advise?


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16 Replies

  • Sounds like you have a virus. I'd be tempted to have today of running

  • Totally agree :)

  • I'm going to sound harsh but I genuinely stopped listening to my inner demons - they will always try to convince me that I should stay home because (fill the blank) sore knees, sore throat, hard day at work, kids need me etc etc etc

    I keep telling myself that I am going to go and run this time this day and that's it. I have to admit I missed a few days for the past 2 weeks and I'm feeling guilty about it event though my 20 month old is getting all is canines at once and I had to do 14 hours shift at work!

    I know it's hard but your body will thank you afterwards :-)

  • Don't run, would be my advice. Our bodies are great at telling us things, if we listen. I have ignored mine on occasions, as, have a few of us, to our cost.

    Your description of how you feel sounds like something lurking.. tiredness and aching, sore throat, etc does not sound like Gremlins at work, it sound like some kind of nasty little bug! The run will be there after you give yourself a couple of days rest. Sometimes, we can run things off, clear our heads and so on, ( the old, above the neck rule) sometimes it does not hurt to wait. :)

    I feel it is too early in the programme to risk a struggling run, rather than miss it.. your choice, certainly, but I would just take the time to feel better :)

    There is a great quote...

    " You know you are a runner when you get mad that any illness ( injury) keeps you from running, rather than the damage it is doing to your body. "

    You are a runner, and you will be out there again :)

  • I agree with Floss. If you run when you're not well, you will run 'tired' and are much more likely to do yourself an injury. Take a few days off and get back on it when you're better.

  • I agree with the above. Please don't run - there's a big difference between 'gremlins', excuses, niggles, aches etc and actually being ill, and you sound ill to me. Always err on the side of caution and allow your body heal.

    (If on the other hand you are just being a great big nelly wuss, then STOP MITHERING AND GET OUT THERE, WOMAN!! ;) )

  • What everyone else has already said! Get well and then get running (in that order) ;)

  • Sorry to hear you are under the weather Anna. :'( Yeah, if I were you I would recover back to full health before continuing the C25K. It will wait for you. There is no race to finish it you know. Just do it at your own pace and if that means taking a few more rest days to fully recover then so be it. You don't want to risk any injury that will make matters far worse. Now, get some aspirin down yer neck and get straight to bed young lady! :D

  • Thanks everybody; I've just got back from work and although I am stupidly tired and achey I'm not as bad as this morning (thanks to lemsip and minging energy drink). I'll give it a go and see how it is. Maybe not so energetic as my past two weeks.

  • Yuck...lemsip and minging energy drink? Doesn't sound like a winning combination to me! :p

    Anyway, good luck with it Anna! :)

  • Hahaha it's a horrible combination and it's not working splendidly but I have to try or I may cry hahah

  • If you are determined...then steady and slow ? :)

  • Definitely steady and slow! I'm just gonna (excuse the pun) run with it and if it all goes a bit south I'll just brisk walk back home and try again another day.

  • Take care :)

  • thanks lovely :)

  • I done it. Very, very slowly. But I done it. And saw a beautiful little kitten and had to jog on the spot to give her a cuddle on the way.

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