W2R3 done

...and my cheeky app says I haven't! Has anybody else had this problem?

But honestly, just got back this minute from the running - really struggled but ran it just right which is how I wanted it.

I really thought I was going to be sick or faint on the warm down; is this normal? I have a really sore throat and slightly under the weather as of late. Usually I'm just a bit knackered.


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12 Replies

  • Running under-par can affect us in all sorts of ways.

    Rest up, and make sure you feel better before your next run... I remember this time last year, so many of us ended up on the IC, with the dreaded winter lurgies :)

    Well done you anyway...Week 3... it will be waiting for you x

  • Thank you lovely. I'm looking forward to next week's running already... though I am ready for a rest!

  • Well done for completing your run. I've been using the app from day 1 but have had a few issues with it freezing, but only the time. I still get the commentary ( Jo Willey has bee running with me) and you can scroll the time forward after the run to show it has been completed. I might try the podcasts but feel as though I'm abandoning Jo😐

  • Ahhhh, mine just won't do anything. It said on run 2 that I had done run 3 and now I can't get the app to say that I completed the 3 runs this week... doh! Oh well, I know I done it... I just wish my app would too ahah.

    Awwwwj Jo! I've got Michael Johnson and he's been very inspirational to the whole C25K process. I think I'll miss him when I go on to regular 30 minute runs... but way to go yet!

  • Yes, I have had these problems too. I just fast forward to the end if it gets "stuck" half way through. I run with Jo Whiley, she is also very inspirational. A tip I did find is don't disconnect your headphones from your phone until the very end... mine would freeze if I disconnected them before I had given each run a rating ( hope that makes sense?)

    Well done, keep going.

  • Thank you for the tips. Luckily my set up technology speaking is good. But it didn't log that I had made all three runs this week which is super infuriating because I know it was done... doh!

  • Feeling sick/faint? You're not going too fast are you Anna?

    Anyway, well done on completing your week 2 and good luck with week 3. Remember, slow and steady eddie! :)

    (As for the app...I have not used one for the C25K side of things. I simply downloaded all the podcasts of all the runs onto my insanely tiny and cheap iPod shuffle, where I can listen to them all anytime I like without any issues at all).

  • Thanks lovely; and noooo I'm definitely steady Eddy. I think I'm just run down this week from coming off medication and coming down with a cold, etc.

  • Ah ok. Yeah it could be that then if you're not trying to run too fast. Hope you recover very soon.

  • Thanks Lee; I'm sure I'll be on top form again very soon :)

  • We're at roughly the same place in C25k - I finished week 2 on Thursday. I use the podcasts, though, as I don't have anywhere to put my phone when running (I can clip my tiny Ipod shuffle anywhere!!).

    Maybe you're coming down with something?

  • Ahhhh well done! I think I'll just have to face facts that the app just doesn't work as well as expected. But I've ran so it counts :). yeah I think with the running, busy work-life and change in eating habits tends to spurge the toxins right out - which I can only see as a benefit even though a wee bit under the weather.

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