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Where to re-start?

Hi Everyone!

I have been following the program now for 8 weeks, although I've decided to re-do week 7 as I struggled a bit with my 3rd 25 minute run. Which was odd because I managed to do the last run for week 6 OK and the first two for week 7. I ran again on Monday and although i managed to run the entire 25 minutes, I felt really light-headed and dizzy.

I woke up on Tuesday with a helluva fever and just feeling sluggish. I went about my day and later that night I really started burning up and body aches intensified and I went to the doctor who prescribed medication and told me that although he is so happy that I've found an exercise I'm so passionate about, he wants me to lay off the running for a few days, just until I'm feeling better.

Currently I'm still in bed with a strong yearning to just listen to the podcast lol, but I know that once I do that I'll be out of here with complete disregard to this horrible flu crippling me at the moment.

For any of you who also fell sick midway through the program, was it easy to just continue where you left off? Perhaps easy is the wrong word to use lol. But do you recommend I restart week 7 from next week or perhaps do week 6 again just to get back into it.

I really cannot wait to start again!!

Have a fabulous day, mates. And push a bit harder the last minute just for me.


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Sorry to see you've got flu and I think most of us totally understand how frustrating it is not being able to run.

Flu will take it out of you so you should expect to feel weak and wobbly for a while. Wait until you're feeling much better and your body will tell you what to do! For the first run back I would just go out and run very slowly and see how far you go. Don't worry about which week at this stage. You might be able to do just 10 minutes or you might do 20 or longer. That will then tell you which week to pick up.

I hope you're not off too long but the running will be there waiting for you however long it takes 😊


Can't be helped, but as others would say on coming back just see how you go. Don't set yourself too hard a target and see how you go. Perhaps just aim to do as others said just do about 10 minutes and if feel OK do a bit more. But don't push it.

Then you can say right I did what I expected and a bit more that was an achievement foe my next runs I will gradually get back to where I was.

As I used to say to my old boss when he said he needed something done "Yesterday". I didn't say "How high should I jump ?" I said "Where's the fire ? Motto is slowly but surely !

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What a lovely generous post. Hope you feel better very soon.

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