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The Late Post

I had a terrible time yesterday trying to upload this post so gave up and that is why I am posting it a day late.

I was out running as day was breaking. I decided to run the same route I had on my two previous outings. I ran at my fastest pace , which, is still not very fast and would get me under 35 mins for 5k. For the moment I will continue to run shorter distances, very gradually building them while working on my pace.

It was a glorious morning to be out running and I thoroughly enjoyed it. By reducing the time spent running I can easily manage a run before work something that I was beginning to struggle with. A shorter run is better thanno run at all.

My legs are able to cope fine with the faster pace but my lungs are finding it harder work. Though I am pleased with how quickly I recover.

I took Laura with me but her batteries were flat so I ran in silence. I kept repeating 1234, 1234...... and this helped me to adjust my cadence and contributed to the improved pace.

Rest day today and I am itching to get back out running again tomorrow.

Happy running.

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Good for you! I agree that a shorter run is better than no run at all. Plus, if you can fit your run in before work, you start your day on a high note. I'm going out in the early morning rowing sometimes, then I fit my run in at the gym in between work. If I am not rowing, I run earlier. Enjoy your next run, and don't work too hard!


I admire your tenacity to get up so early for a run and all those shorter runs are building up your stamina and giving you really strong running legs 🏃🏃

Oops just realised that I used the word "run" three times in a single sentence! Obsessed or what.......

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