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Hi everyone, it's been a while since I posted, I've started the programme again having stopped at the first hurdle a while back. I'll be doing this run this afternoon.

I wondered if anyone else runs with their children? I have a 9mo son that I'm planning on taking with me in the pushchair today but to be honest I'm scared! Don't know why, it just terrifies me. Does anyone else take their little ones in a pushchair?

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I was in a field that involved a lot of 'Risk Analysis' for almost thirty decades so I tend to be rather paranoid about things so bear that in mind when you read what I think OK? :)

My main concern would be what would happen baby if you tripped and fell hard while pushing the pram at speed?

Is the prams centre of balance in such a configuration that you might drag it down with you as you fell?

If you did manage to not instinctively tighten your grip (and you most likely won't - its an inbuilt reflex ) and let go of the pram altogether, how far/fast/safely would it continue before halting unassisted?

If you do take that last into account and tether yourself to the pram - be sure to reanalyse the first scenario - would it cause the pram to fall over when the extent of the tether was reached?

If your pram has those small swivel wheels, is there a danger that a large pebble could cause a sudden skid and keel-over at speed?

Is the suspension system sufficient to truly cocoon Baby from any jolting or shaking that might cause trauma?

Dogs that are normally not aggressive can be triggered to 'attack mode' when they get into a 'chase' situation. If a dog did start chasing you as you ran past - would it be able to leap on Baby?

I really don't want to scare you about going running with your Baby and I am emphasizing again that by training, background and experience I am much quicker to see 'worst case' scenarios than flower-strew paths to happiness so please do keep this in mind.

I hope that what I have done, however, is give you some ideas to ask whoever works at the 'Baby Stroller' section of the store or wherever you go to get some more in depth information of what is best for you (and Baby) in your particular circumstances and location :)

And I ALWAYS recommend finding genuinely qualified people to consult on anything like this - not a 'generalist' like me, nor the shop assistant who was working the grocery section last week and will be in the DVD section next week :)

I am sure there are wonderful options out there for you to make sure you and Baby will enjoy many happy miles - it's just going to be a question of sorting out the wheat from the chaff :)


We certainly have had people doing the programme with a pushchair (I don't know whether they continued - I can definitely remember one woman who went to the park and ran round and round with older children on the play equipment where she could keep an eye on them and a little one in the pushchair and I remember her being at least half way through)

You can buy pushchairs precisely for the purpose too. The lightweight stroller jobs might not be particularly fit for purpose though. I do think there could be one merit: it might ensure you focus on a running motion rather than speed.

Irish-John's risk analysis failed to look at the risks of *not* running/being active/getting outside...

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Absolutely some form of exercise is far better than none. Gotta make the safety of the Baby a priority though :)


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