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Hi all, newbie to the forum here. I've always tried to keep healthy over the years especially during my time in the RAF :), and was playing 7-a-side football until earlier this year when a change of job meant this had to be put to one side. However, over the summer I decided that I needed to get back into shape, lose a few stones in weight and signed up for the BHF My Marathon in September. This then kickstarted my enjoyment in running and I immediatelty signed up for the C25K in order to have a more regimented running schedule. Last night I completed Week 4 run 2 and am still loving it, I have registered for my local Parkrun with the aim of starting this in the New Year. Good luck to all you other people on this programme and congratulations to all those who have completed.

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Welcome. If you love running now, you'll love it even more once you attend the Parkrun. Keep posting, we love to hear how folks are doing.

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