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Question about brisk walking!


Morning all, about to get up and start week 8 and very excited to have got this far. My question is... I get a bit bored during the 5 mins brisk walk at the start of each session. Once graduated do you all still do this before each run or do you just go straight into it maybe after some stretches? Thanks in advance!

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I have always honoured the 5 minute warm up and warm down walk, it keeps the injury gremlins at bay!!


Warming up is crucial, especially as the weather gets colder. A brisk walk is the best way to get your muscles flexible and stretchy before a run, but you can do alternative stretches and exercises if you wish. Cold muscles are much more prone to damage and you do not cross some magical threshold when you graduate from C25k, so do stick with a warm up.

The pros all do it, so it must be worthwhile.

I sometimes don't walk for the first 5 minutes these days, simply because it is sooo cold to be out there without running - I actually get stiff and cold while walking, especially my feet get cold. So I run from the start, but the first 5 minutes, I go very, very slowly - the slowest jog I can :-)

I do a warm up routine before I go out instead. These exercises work well for me.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to PippiRuns

Brrrrr..quite warm here this morning...🙂

pollyp1Graduate in reply to PippiRuns

Thanks PippiRuns

Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to PippiRuns

I do those too! Add some squats in for our bum and your away!


Yep, I still do them too.☺


Always did it...always do, and as ju-ju- says..the warm down walk necessary😐 If you are some arm stretches and swings etc..walk a tad faster..zigzag if possible..anything, to get everything warm and stay off the IC.🙂


Thank you everyone - I know warming up and cooling down are important - will try some of those stretches too - thank you IbenCopenhagen x


Hi Shaz, I try to always do the warm up walk, sometimes I add a few skipping steps as well, sometimes at parkrun I don't consciously do a warm up, but I find that even if a do a little walk about and a few skips before the start it does help - makes me laugh that some runners do a parkrun circuit as a warm up before the actual thing! Mind you they do go like whippets some of them 😂



lol I know - haven't quite got the guts to do park run yet - maybe in a few weeks! X


I still do them. Sometimes I do a longer warm up walk. I warm up in the house too. I want to be hot by the time I open the door

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