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Just the weather for running

Well the sun has shined on Manchester , and looking towards next week looks good for running. The weekend has been dry and crisp , the sky very blue , all making perfect running weather. YEsterday ( Saturday ) was my longer run with friends , not to fast and about 5 miles , we had a lovely time along the river between sale and chorlton , so near the motorway but feels so far away ! I defiantly feel in a good place when running outside . TOday Sunday was intervals in the park . My top manage is 9:32 min miles , but that involves a fair bit of heavy breathing ( think I prob scare quite a few of the local dogs who are in the park for early walks ! ) I can keep that up for about 3 miles , but my comfort zone is 10:30 min miles

But I have learnt that by getting out of my comfort zone occasionally makes the next week of running so much easier :-)

So if anyone lives in the west of Manchester next week looks like delightful running weather

Enjoy 👣👣

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I don’t live in Manchester.

Nonetheless, the forth-coming week certainly does provide ideal autumn running conditions for the vast majority, particularly since we’re set to enjoy another swathe of high pressure from the continent, providing the perfect excuse to lace up those trainers and head outdoors.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed an easy run along the river on Saturday beneath the October sunshine; I only wish that I could concur, since the weather has been largely changeable in the north east over the weekend.

That said, last Sunday the conditions were just as you’d described, so I took the opportunity to run my village route twice over late in the afternoon.

As for Sunday's run, as the body becomes more adept to running sub ten minute miles, the heavy breathing will subside. Granted, it may re-surface upon attempting to run sub nine minute miles, for example, but scaring dogs in the park will ease upon adaptation.

In addition to running intervals, have you considered devoting a session during the week to HIIT intervals, since their inclusion will ultimately benefit the efficiency of both steady runs and interval training?

I’m not referring to Fartlek training, I’m referring to running at maximum effort for periods of 30s, followed by 60s walking recovery, repeating as many times as you can up to a maximum of 25 minutes.

In doing so, you’ll be exercising the body’s anaerobic pathway, dramatically increasing the uptake of glucose and fat during the hard intervals (benefitting levels of weight loss), whilst also encouraging the utilisation of lactic acid, as a source of energy for the oxygen deprived heart, during the hard intervals.

Through the inclusion of HIIT intervals, since the heart and working muscles become less reliant upon a supply of oxygen to provide energy, steady state/interval training can be performed for longer, serving to increase aerobic capacity (stamina and endurance), largely due to an improvement in the threshold of blood lactate.

HIIT also encourages a number of other physiological changes that allow the above to achieved, but I don’t wish to confuse you with any more science. All you need to know is that HIIT intervals improve running performance, whilst improving overall levels of weight loss

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Thanks for all this great advice . I will certainly look at HITS, it is not an area I know much about Big thanks for the science as well ( I quite like the science )

I am going to start my research , and fit in a session to my week .I will let you know how I get on


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