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Week 1 to Week 5 R3 in 3 hours - is this a record?

Well, Mrs S's induction into running is going well. We set out to do another repeat W1 run with the objective of running to Aldi to look at their running gear (ironic or what?). The route involved a couple of hills (undulations perhaps a better description) and we went so well, that we did 2 extra one minute runs because we could. A quick, disappointing, look around Aldi and a planned walk back home seemed like a good idea but not for Mrs S. Oh no "Let's do some more running" says she - so we did. Another 4 one minute segments followed by a brisk up-hill (a real one this time) walk home.

I'm so proud of her but she is still insistent that she's not ready to progress to week 2 but she has agreed to listen to Laura next time we go out together.

Oh yes, the week 5 bit - I was scheduled to go to the gym for some strength exercises but when I got there, for some reason I was attracted to the treadmill, jumped on and ran for 20 minutes at a faster speed than ever before. I could have gone on but I was aware of the likelihood of overdoing it so went off to do 30 minutes on the weights rather than risk it.

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Well done to Mrs S and a big well done to you for the doing THE RUN 🙂


Encourage your wife to move on to week 2! She has clearly mastered week 1. It can be scary moving on to the next week, but that's the beauty of the programme - you are physically ready, it's just the gremlins holding her back. Onwards!


Yeah I agree, go for it Mrs S! Don't overdo things Stewie. Rein yourself in for now. Stick with the runs as per schedule and all will be well. It's so easy to get a bit gung-ho only to find you've gone and tweaked something

Have fun! Running to the shops is right fun! Well, if you like shopping that is. I save money on my food shopping cos I take my back pack and a carrier for each shoulder and then run home. You can't overload yourself so you shop wisely. More cash saved on groceries means more running duds!


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