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Heel pain - ideas?

I have been struggling with a very painful heel (Plantar Facilititus/policemans's heel), I have tried all the recommendations so far but it is really holding me up. I have tried resting it (but the problem then returns), antiiflammatories, trainer inserts, exercises. It is spoiling my desire to speed up and go further as I am still behind where I was a year ago.....

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I was literally almost in a wheelchair years ago with heel pain, plantar fasciitis etc. There is a firm called 'Feathersprings' that make custom stainless steel inserts. I went from not being able to walk enough to finish a twenty minute Pool game to running 5K plus now because of them.

You may want to check them out (I have absolutely no financial or other involvement with them apart from being an utterly grateful customer )


Hi Irish-John, thanks for that, it makes sense because I bought (with the help of a friendly pharmacist who had the same problem) some gel implants that were expensive and seemed to help at first. Now I think they must be beaten down and aren't helping. Stainless steel wouldn't flatten I suppose! Will look into it and I am going to see a chiropodist/podiatrist this week to see if that will help. I just need to stay on my feet without limping dramatically and enjoy running again. I have tried resting and not running but it doesn't seem to help. Also I finally gave in and went to my doctor who is referring me to a local GP with a specialist clinic so hope there too!

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Those off-the-shelf inserts are almost worse than useless. Fetaher Springs have a lifetime guarantee - I got my first pair in '92 and they have replaced them twice in all that time without a quibble, last time about two years ago. It will tell you something about the forces I put on my feet that on both occasions I split one of them apart.

The really nice thing about them - apart of course that they eliminate the problems - is they are very unobrtrusive and do not limit your choice of footwear. I've worn them in everything from Hiking boots to dress shoes to Cowboy boots :)

They have a website for the US - but having started in Germany I bet they have one for over there also :)

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