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Week 7

I only discovered this forum last week and it's brilliant! Wish I'd known about it before, it may have helped me get through some of those weeks that were tough. It's been fantastic to read how everyone has been getting on with C25K. In fact has made me feel good about my own journey.

Thought it was bad that I'd repeated some weeks, but no, many other people have! Thought I wasn't going fast enough, but great to hear that other people think that the 5K part will happen after graduation and it's not the speed it's the endurance!

I started my journey in July, unfit and overweight, found running for a minute really hard, lungs and calves on fire! Now on week 7 and this morning just run around the same park I started in and have run round it twice with no breaks - that's 2 miles!! I couldn't imagine on that first day that I would be able to do that.

The whole experience has been great and had lots of little milestones along the way, first 1k run with no stops, first 10 mins, first 25 mins, 2 just keeps getting better. Never thought I would class myself as a runner, I may not be fast, but a runner I am!

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I'm on week 7 too, and couldn't agree with you more! Now that it's just uninterrupted runs I feel like a runner, whereas when I started a felt like i was "pretending" to run and felt a bit self conscious. I really enjoyed this mornings run especially.

I started out "doing a program" but now running just feels like something I do because I enjoy it and it's good for me! I can't see myself stopping when the program has finished. I even drove past a 10k event last week thinking "well in a years time who knows? that could be me" :-)


Welcome to the madhouse! I was thrilled to find this forum too. I started C25K in February last year and I'm still addicted to all the good company and advice it provides today. And to the running as well. Well done for getting to week 7 - graduation is now in sight! You will not regret having set out on those first 60 second running intervals in week one. It just gets better and better!

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Hi Bluehanakawa, and welcome to this forum..😊

Yes, its full of advice and support and inspiration too! We have all started from scratch and all found the program works😄

Well done being on Week 7, thats brilliant. Keep going and good luck.

Now you have found us, keep posting your progress we look forward to cheering you on at graduation.

You know you can do this😊


Thank you Jan-now-runs!

Graduation in a few weeks!

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