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Back in time W6R2

After a not-so-good W6R3 and then a miserable W7R1 I decided to have a few days break, give my body a rest and repeat week 6. I was originally thinking of starting at run 1 but decided to do the run 2 with the 2 x 10 minute runs as I know I can do these.

I donned my running gear this morning and set out to Laura's podcast. The sky was blue, it's warmer than it has been recently and the wind wasn't too bad. The 5 minute warm up went quickly and soon it was time to start my run. My confidence was knocked from W7R1 so I was nervous about doing this one. I gingerly set off on my run and as always struggled for the first 5 minutes until I found my pace. I groaned when I heard I was 5 minutes in as I was tired already so I dropped my pace a bit and got through to the end of the 10 minute run. I was pleased to have a walk, a drink and to ease off on my aching legs. The 3 minutes seemed to drag on though and so when it was time for the next 10 minute run I was happy to oblige. A couple of minutes in I saw a friend who doesn't know what I'm up to so I quickly said C25K to her as I approached. Thankfully my one sentence conversation didn't make me out of breath (look how far I've come!) and I carried on to the end. I successfully finished W6R2 (again) and this has boosted my confidence to tackle W6R3 once again.

I have to admit at the end of last week I felt for the first time that I thought this might beat me but I'm now more optimistic that I can see the programme through to the end. Onwards and upwards!

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Well done Inspiredmum. I know what you mean and remember finding the continuous runs really tough too. It helped me to actually take the first 5 mins at a very slow pace, its the breathing thing isn't it. Once you are getting enough oxygen around your body you can relax. You did recover quickly though and were ready to go again before the next run was due. I think you will be fine next time out to do the 25 mins, just consiously slow down. I found blowing out a couple of deep breaths steadied me a bit.

Good luck and I'm sure you have got this.😊

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Well done for not giving up. Sounds like your plan is working. Onwards and upwards towards that shiny badge :-D


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