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Week 4,Run 3 - The One with the slight tech malfunction!!

Week 4 complete and doing good :) In the spirit of the Friends shows we all know and love,decided to call this one "the one with the slight tech malfunction"!!! :) Discovering that my iPod had automatically synced the first run of Week 5 to my workout,luckily had the app on my phone so no big deal in the end! But,seems I'm fitter than I thought I was as still pacy and doing the equivalent of 2.8 miles (4.5km) in 37 mins - and I really did slow it down!

Never thought I'd get this far - think my fears are more mental than physical so really got to work on that as I go forward. I am definitely my own worst enemy and the mental side of it isn't something I'll sort in the remainder of the programme. Not sure how to plan the Week 5 runs given I am away from late Tuesday until early on Thursday and will pack my running stuffs to take with me to campus on Wednesday. Did wear my Open University hoodie as I went running today as the weather isn't great here!


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Well done and yes, the mental thing is important. Just keep reminding yourself why you started in the first place and how you're going to feel when you graduate!

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Well done, you are doing great :)

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