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Week 9 Run 2 & 3 - Keep on keeping on

Week 9 Run 2 & 3 - Keep on keeping on

So, on Sunday 9th for W9R2, I stomped up the coastal path for thirty minutes. Lovely sky, cool air, gentle wind. Kept to a sensible pace. Naturally I did the daft thing I had done during week 8, brimming with enthusiasm, and ran the return path home. 60 minutes running totted up to 8.9km.

I'm very happy, and amazed, to have been able to run steadily for a whole hour. If you'd told me back when struggling with Week 1 that I'd be able to do that I wouldn't have believed you. Of course, running "too far too soon" comes at a cost...

I went out for Week 9 Run 3 on Wednesday 12th, and made the final run of Week 9 a very sensible one. 30 minutes, sensible pace, in the dark and cold before work. My breathing was steady, but my legs, by the end were very unhappy below the knees. I stood for a long time under the shower waiting to thaw out, with feet, ankles and calves all objecting loudly. Ouch. Once I'd managed to head off to my morning train things loosened up.

So, however great I'm feeling at the time, if I suddenly run too far it will take a long time to recover. I will try to remember this, I promise. :)

Today, Sunday 16th, I went out for my first post-week 9 run (Week 10 Run 1?). Kept to 30 minutes again, along the sea front (this time a sensible 15 minutes out/15 minutes back) but stalled after 22 minutes. There was a 20km/h southerly wind that speed me out, but was pretty cruel on the return journey, and I couldn't keep going. :(

I managed to interval the remaining distance home (~1 min walk, 1 min run).

I think my difficulty was a combination of still having some leg strain from the previous weekend's over-long run, trying to go against a strong wind too fast, and (excuses excuses) a very heavy meal last night. I'll keep to the Week 9 routine for a couple of weeks before trying to (gradually) increase my distance again.

Thanks for the support and advice from everyone of the forum. You've been great! At least I got Week 9 complete before having a hiccup. :)

Picture is a panorama of the seafront path just south of my run start point.

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So, by my reckoning then you've graduated! Many congratulations to you so don't forget to ask for your badge (link on the right).

After the mantra here of slow then slower, the next most important one is don't do too much too soon 🙂 Spending time on the IC (injury couch) is not fun and should be avoided at all costs. Just saying.

Lovely picture btw.

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Good advice, thank you! :)


Massive Congratulations to you Michael on a fantastic achievement !

The pic is gorgeous , oh that's my dream to run by the sea *sigh*

Well done and yes doing W9R3 for a while is a great idea ! :-) xxx

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