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W5 R1

I made a mistake with the podcasts and put on week 1 rather than w5r1. I was a bit surprised when Laura said to run for 1 min. I did that then found the right podcast. I had had quite bad pains in my hip was pleased that when I started to run, my hip was OK, but my legs from my knee down the side of my leg felt tight. I felt that the whole session was more of a stagger than a run, but I finished and survived. I had bought a new top in bright yellow as a safety measure but hadn't bargained for how warm it was - far too warm at the moment, so I'll make sure I save that for dark cold evenings. Anyway one more down.

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well done! I made the mistake of putting a long sleeved top on too and was so warm after the first run. Good luck on your second run on week 5. :)

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Thanks. Yes, its difficult regulating temperature. I did get a cycling top from Aldi and this was a perfect weight. I'll stick to this for a bit longer!!


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