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Couch to 5K
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well I've been stuck on week 7 for ages, and finally made some progress last week. today I abandoned Laura again, put some heavy rock on my mp3 and went for it. decided to jog (slowly!!!) for as long as I felt able. in the end I ran a full 33 minutes non stop! this was only 4.6km, but for me it's the time that counts, especially as i'm a 50 something. I struggled for weeks on the mental challenge of the last couple of weeks. now I've found my rhythm I didn't find it as hard as I thought I would.

next challenge is to up the speed a little to make the full k in 30 mins.

to all those stuggling with the mental side of this, Laura is right, you just need to keep going, your body pushes through it all and the feeling you get at the end is indescribably worth it

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ONLY 4.6?? Don't knock it - well done :)


Hi Karen,

And well done on your 4.6.

A good effort. As long as you run reguarly and you concentrate on your pace and breathing, you will get faster.

Some time s more so if you don't set a target... if that makes sense.

Just go out there and run......

What I am tempted to do when I graduate is to start on week 1 or 2 again, but jog when Laura says walk, and run as fast as I can when she says run. It is a basic form of interval training which is a proven technique.

Well dona again :-)


Have you finished the C25K, nine weeks then.? I could not quite make out.. if so Congratulations..30 minutes run is very good . if at Week 8... then also very good :)


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